HTML Code to Auto-Play MP3 Audio Files

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Autoplay of audio files has long been considered bad form for websites, but I just can’t help myself. It’s just too fun. I’ve set a piece to play at the entrance of my site and will setup a short audio sample to play on the front of my blog.
You don’t have to embed in a flash player, and you can call up whatever audio format you want (.wav, MP3. .ra, etc.). If you are super evil like me you can set the file to “hidden – true” so no one can turn the music off. My front page is a splash page so if people don’t like the song they can always click to another section.
Here’s the code to autoplay MP3 audio music files on your website page:
<embed src=”″ loop=”true” autoplay=”false” width=”145″ height=”60″></embed>
NOTE: You will need to put a “<” at the beginning of code and a “> ” at the end. I couldn’t post it with the tags because my blog think’s it is HTML code (which it is).
Autostart – is to automatically start the song playing.
Hidden – is setting for audio controls.
If control is hidden then dimensions are not shown anyway.
Replace URL with exact location of your audio file.

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