Google Analyticator: Integrate Google Analytics With Your WordPress Blog

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Google Analytics is a free tracking service offered by Google, that generates detailed statistics about the visitors of a website or blog. Most people like to track the like rack the traffic resources for their blog for better understanding of their work. Google Analytics will do the work of tracking the traffic resources of your blog, most popular links in your blog and much more.
google analytics logoSigning up for Google Analytics is pretty easy. Just fill up the basic details they asked their and within no time you will have your account. If you have a Google account, you can also use the same for Google Analytics. If you have a Thesis WordPress theme then might want to have a look at this.
The above tutorial is written for WordPress users using Thesis WordPress theme. If you are using a different theme, then read the simple tutorial written below for integrating Google Analytics with your WordPress theme.
How to Integrate Google Analytics With Your WordPress Blog?
Adding Google Anaytics code can be a bit complicated if you are using a theme other than Thesis. But to solve this, I have found a WordPress plugin, which will integrate Google Analytics with your WordPress blog without the need of adding codes.
Google Analyticator, is a WordPress Plugin which automatically adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google Analytics logging on your WordPress blog. This eliminates the need to edit your template code to begin logging.
To install this plugin, download the plugin from here, to your hard drive and upload it to your WordPress blog either using an FTP client or using the WordPress default option. Once you have installed the plugin, activate it by visiting the plugin’s page in your WordPress admin panel.
Now go to the Admin Panel settings option and click Google Analytics. You will see a message that the integration of Google Analytics is disabled in a big red box.
Google Analytics integration disabledNow to enable it scroll down to Enabled� in the Google Analytics logging is option and place your Google Analyitcs Web Property ID in Google Analytics UID field and click save changes.
Google Analyticator enabledTo find your Web Property ID in Google Analytics account, follow the steps given below. Login to your Google Analytics account and you will be taken to your Analytics Dashboard. Now copy the code (that is your Web Property ID) which is exactly next to your domain name.
Google Analytics UIDYou can also integrate your Google Anaytics account with your WordPress blog by clicking the Authenticate with Google link in Google Analyticator plugin setting page.
Integrate Google Analytics with WordpressThat’s it. Now you have integrated your Google Analytics account with your WordPress blog using the Google Analyticator Plugin.