Hide / Remove Status Message Bar In Blogger

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What is "Status Message Bar" in Blogger Blog? 
In Search pages or in Label Pages You can observe a Bar with some message at the top of posts.
that is Status Message Bar. 
It should be like...:-

Showing newest posts for query XXXXXXShow older posts

Showing newest posts with label XXXXXXShow older posts

You can Remove or Hide this message by following simple tricks
1. By adding CSS code
2. By Removing Template code

How to Remove this bar by CSS?

Go to Blogger Dashboard  >  Design tab  >  Edit HTML
Find ]]></b:skin> tag
Add the following code before it and save your template

.status-msg-wrap{display:none !important;}

By Removing Template Code

Go to Blogger Dashboard  >  Design tab  >  Edit HTML 
Check   Expand Widget Templates Check Box
Then find Following code and remove it from template
Finally save your Template

<b:include data='top' name='status-message'/> 

That's it. You can use any one trick from above 
The Status Message Bar must Disappeared from your Blog.