How to recover WordPress Admin Password

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Method 1 – Using PHP MyAdmin

1. Open you Cpanel or other custom Web Hosting Backend, open PHP MyAdmin
2. In the list of Databases, click the WordPress Database
3. Click on the table called “wp_users”
4. On the next screen, click browse on “user_login” and find ID asociate with your login
5. Go back to “wp_users” table
6. On “user_pass” field click browse and find ID associated with your login. Click Edit.
7. Next to the ID number type in your new password (its case sensitive)
8. Once done, click dropdown menu and selected MD5 from menu
9. That’s it. Done. Make sure MD5 and password correctly.

Method 2 – Emergency Password Reset Script

1. Download the file. Click Here.
2. Copy the “emergency.php” to your Domain root. Do not upload using WordPress Admin Panel. Try FTP or File Manager.
3. Login to “”
4. Type the Admin Username and Password
5. It will send the email and reset the Password.
6. DELETE the Script. REMEMBER to do it.
* It worked with WordPress 2.6 but have not tested it on version 2.7