Add an Image Next to Post Titles

1:31:00 PM |

If you want to make your blog post titles on your main page go from bla to ooh-la-la, here's how to add an image before it.

1. First, decide on a picture. Save it as a PNG and upload it to Photobucket or another image host site. Here's the image I used (it's 30 px by 30 px):

2. From your Blogger dashboard click on Design > Edit HTML.
3. Backup your template by clicking on Download Full Template.
4. Check the Expand Widget Templates box.

5. Press Ctrl F on your keyboard to find something like this:

<a expr:href='data:post.url'><data:post.title/></a>

6. Between the ><, place this:

<img src='Image URL' style='border: 0; margin: 0; padding: 0;'/>

It should now look like this:
<a expr:href='data:post.url'><img src='Image URL' style='border: 0; margin: 0; padding: 0;'/><data:post.title/></a>

7. Replace the part in blue with the direct link to your image. Click Save Template and you're set.