How To Access Blocked Websites Safely

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Unfortunately it is not unusual for us to read banned website news. Lately we read how Blogger was banned in Turkey and you can be sure that many websites are getting suspended in China and India everyday. There are some ways to break all these restrictions and gain your independence back and I am going to tell you how to change DNS adresses which is the safest and pernament way.
Before I begin to show you the trick, I strictly recommend you to stay away from accessing blocked websites via proxy sites which force you to fill surveys or your browser to open adwares. And do not trust every DNS you find on forums or other communities if you don’t want to be monitored by unknown firms or people.
We will use two free and trustworthy DNS providers which are Google and OpenDNS. As I mentioned earlier, refrain from using other DNS adresses because Google DNS and OpenDNS will be fairly enough to provide your needs.
1. Enter Your Network Settings Page
In order to change the current settings provided by your ISP, you need to enter network settings page by entering to your browser’s adress bar. If you’re wanted to enter a username and password to enter the settings page, try admin for both section. If it doesn’t work check your DSL router guide.
This is my settings page, keep in mind that setting pages change depending on your modem model.
2. Change Your DNS Adresses
Now find DNS settings link on your network settings page.
You can either use Google DNS or OpenDNS, I prefer GoogleDNS because Google is well-known and user-friendly company and like every internet user, I trust them. If you want to use OpenDNS, enter theese DNS adresses to the fields : and . The numbers that you see on my page belongs to GoogleDNS.
3. Save & Reboot
After you complete the 2nd step, click Save button on your settings page and reboot your DSL modem. Once your modem is restarts, you will be able to access all the blocked websites.