Apple iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak Available via RedSnow

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Earlier this week, Apple announced the iOS 5.0.1’s official release. In fact, the updated version of the iOS 5 can now be downloaded and installed. And just like the old times, our skilled iOS hackers have already announced that the said firmware can now be jailbroken via RedSnow.
That’s good news for those who are hoping to jailbreak their iPads and iPhones. But keep in mind that this is a Tethered iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak and you might not be able to downgrade your device back into the old version. MuscleNerd, a known iOS hacker, also warned that jailbreakers, unlockers and iPhone 4S users should refrain from downloading the said iOS 5.0.1 update. Nevertheless, the decision is all yours.
 iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak
To Jailbreak the iOS 5.0.1, you will be required to install the latest version of RedSnow (that’s 0.9.9b8). If you wish to go for the untethered one, there isn’t any. So you’d better keep your mind fix before you follow the said steps below.

If you’re all set, then you can proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Install the final version of iOS 5.0.1
Step 2: Launch the RedSnow 0.9.9b8 and go to Extras. Select ‘Specify Firmware’ then proceed to theiOS 5.0 firmware IPSW.
Step 3: Return to the home screen of RedSnow then set your device into DFU mode. Once done, click Jailbreak and proceed to the Install Cydia option.
Step 4: Your device will Jailbreak. You must also note that your Cydia icon will show a white color.
Step 5: Go back to the home screen of RedSnow. Locate ‘Extras’ and select ‘Specify Firmware’ and choose iOS 5.0 IPSW.
Step 6: Select ‘Just Boot’ from the Extras menu and your device will have its tethered boot. After which, your iOS device will be at its full jailbroken version.
The whole Jailbreak process only requires a few steps to follow. You can also read the in-depth guide from RedSnow.