Apple iPad 2 Vs Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet: Take Smart Decision

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The Amazon Kindle Fire is now up for grabs. Of course, it is quite undeniable that the tablet successfully reaped the attention of the many due to its very affordable price. But if you are the type of person who would seek for reviews and comparisons before you make your final decision, then you might as well read on.
In this particular post, we will be comparing the Amazon Kindle Fire against the Apple iPad 2, one of the most sought tablets of this year. Thus, without further ado, allow us to share to you the advantages and disadvantages of each tablet according to a variety of factors.
First off is the appearance. It is quite apparent that the Kindle Fire is much smaller than the iPad 2. The Amazon tablet can provide you with a 7 inch multi-touch IPS display at 1024 x 600 pixels (169 ppi) of screen resolution. Meanwhile, the iPad 2 can take pride of its large 9.7 inch diagonal LED-backlit glossy display at 1024 x 768 pixels (132 ppi) of screen resolution. The Kindle Fire weighs around 413 grams while the iPad 2 weighs around 601 grams. If we speak of portability, then it is pretty obvious that the former wins over the latter. Though, it can’t also be denied that the iPad 2 is way much thinner than the Kindle Fire.
iPad 2 Vs Kindle Fire
Upon comparing these two tablets, there are two basic aspects that you need to keep in mind. The first one is the connectivity and the second one is the platform. You should also consider the fact that you would need a reliable device that could sync with your PC, notebook or smartphone. In that case, both devices can provide you with their high-speed Wi-Fi b/g/n connection. The iPad 2, on the other hand, gets the lead because it offers a built-in support for 3G. But if you’re not a heavy 3G user and you prefer not to commit to any monthly data plans, then you can pretty much depend on the Kindle Fire.
In addition, the Kindle Fire can somehow compete with the iPad 2 when it comes to standard web browsing. Still, the Amazon tablet can’t beat the iPad 2 when it comes to the speed of page loading but you can always depend on the Fire’s cloud-accelerated Amazon Silk browser with Adobe Flash support.
You should also take note that the Kindle Fire is being powered by Android and you can definitely take advantage of its wide selection of Android applications. But that’s not all. You will also be able to enjoy the slate’s massive stock of books, movies and songs. The only downside of this slate is that you will have to download these apps via the Amazon App Store. If you want to access the Android Market, then you would probably need to sideload. Meanwhile, the iPad 2 can let you browse through its vast range of built-in applications.
In terms of battery life, the Kindle Fire’s battery can last up to eight hours while the iPad 2’s power cell can let you stay on for 10 hours. There is a bit of a difference but you should also consider the activities that you do that causes your battery to deplete sooner than you have expected.
Unlike the iPad 2, the Kindle Fire doesn’t provide any camera. You won’t be able to take a bunch of snap shots and you will basically be deprived of the joy of video calls. You may chat with your friends on Skype or Facebook but that would be as far as you can go.
Both slates are based on a Dual Core ARM Processor. But even so, the iPad 2’s A5 Chip offers a better performance than the OMAP 4 chip inside the Kindle Fire. You can pretty much notice that the Apple slate boots much faster than that new tablet from Amazon.
Let us admit that the Kindle Fire is a budget-friendly tablet that can be easily acquired by anyone who wants a tablet. Its 8GB of storage is quite enough for any typical tablet user. Compared to the 16GB Wi-Fi only model of the iPad 2, the Kindle Fire can definitely give you a decent option. It’s only $199 while the iPad 2 would require you to pay the sum of $499.
As a wrap-up, we can’t really say that you should get the Kindle Fire because it is cheaper. It truly depends upon your needs. If you don’t do much other than surfing the web or watching your favourite flicks via Netfix and you don’t want to spend a lot for a tablet, then you can definitely save a lot if you opt for the Kindle Fire. But if you want to enjoy a heap of features and you are willing to spend your savings on a much deserving device, better get the iPad 2. You really don’t need to think twice.