Decorate Your Blog With These Awesome Xmas-Icons

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This christmas decorate your blog exactly the way you decorate your home with attractive stars, balls and snowflake icons. All these icons have tranparent backgrounds, to perfectly blend with your template. You can use any number of icons and even a mixture of the icons [but you have to manually combine two or more pictures using photo-editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Paint.Net (freeware)]
Have a look on the demo [Live Demo]:
Blog*Spot Christmas Decoration

Instruction to add similar xmas icons to your blog:

Log in to Blogger, and go to Layout

Now click on "Add a Gadget" and select it as "HTML/JavaScript" type.

Leave the title field empty and paste this code in to the content part:
<!--XMAS-ICONS-STARTS--><a style="display:scroll;position:fixed;top:-3px;right:-2px;" href="#" title="Happy Christmas"><img width="100"src=""/></a>
<a style="display:scroll;position:fixed;top:-3px;left:-2px;" href="#" title="Happy Christmas"><img width="100"src=""/></a>
To use icons other than those used in the code above, replace the links in RED color with the direct links (see below) of your desired icons. Remember to change the width the of the icons to fit them well in your blog without disturbing other content of the blog.
The code highlighted in blue is to adjust the position of the icons, use other numbers like -3, -5, -10 etc. to understand how you can change the position of the icons.
You may delete the position:fixed; element from the code too.

More icons can be downloaded from here

BloggerStop Xmas Icons

Stuff like this:

Credits for the icons:
1. Icons by Deleket [DeviantART]
2. Icons by LeoHutter
3. Icons by Petercui

More icons to download and use:
1. Icons by By Arrioch
2. Icons by Bu Kidaubis
3. Icons by By Cyberella
4. Icons by Cooliojulio