How to import facebook friends into google+?

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Almost everyone of us have a facebook account and we all have built our friends, colleagues and or other circles over there. Now switching to Google+, since facebook doesn’t support export of friends, its harder and time consuming to invite them one by one.
Let’s save some time and migrate facebook friends to google+ in under 5 minutes.
Here we have written a step by step guide of how to export your facebook friends and then import friends into your google+ account.
Here are the steps
  • Use an existing Yahoo! account or create a new one and login into Yahoo! mail
  • Within Yahoo mail, Click on the Contacts tab
  • Under Popular Tools section, you’ll find a link for Import Contacts, click on Import Contacts
  • It will take you to a page with icons of Facebook, Gmail, Windows Live, Others….
  • Now click on the Facebook icon and enter your Facebook username and password to authenticate with Facebook
  • It’ll prompt you for confirmation saying “Do you want to share your contacts with Yahoo!”, Click on Okay
  • It’ll start importing all your Facebook contacts into Yahoo and at the end you’ll see a Congratulations message
  • Below the Congratulations message, you’ll find a link and click on the View imports link and it’ll take you to show all the imported contacts
  • On the top right, click on the Tools drop down and choose Export
  • Look for Yahoo! CSV on the left label and click on the corresponding Export Now button
  • It will prompt you for a CAPTCHA code, enter it and click on Export Now
  • Within a while it’ll download the yahoo_ab.csv file (or some file with .csv extension)
  • Login into your Gmail account and click on the Contacts link just below the Mail link on the top left
  • Under the More Actions dropdown choose Import
  • In the Import Contacts dialog, choose the above downloaded yahoo_ab.csv (or whatever file downloaded for you) and click on Import button (Optionally you could create a new group for this contacts. For that, just check the checkbox above the import button and choose New group)
  • It’ll prompt to enter a group name, just type Facebook (or any name you like)
  • Now you’ll get a confirmation message saying “We have imported all 3433 contacts found in the uploaded file.”, now click OK
  • Now goto your Google+ account and click on Circles icon on the top
  • Now click on Find and Invite link on the top, you’ll find all the Facebook friends below in the list
  • Voila, that’s it – now you have all your facebook friends imported into Google+
  • Now optionally, you could select each of your facebook friends and assign it to various circles (for e.g friends, family, colleagues, business, etc) so that it is easy manage