How to prevent the iPhone 4S Battery Drainage problem?

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As we know that apple has sold a record 4 million iPhone devices after the launching. Now days iPhone 4S is in the news a lot. This is basically because of the wrong reasons. First there was a news of the security thereat which was related to the Siri function of iPhone 4S. Now it’s because of the battery drain problem of iPhone 4S. There are many users who have made complained about the problem of battery drain. After a lot of complains Apple is looking on this issue. The main cause of this problem is not confirmed yet. We are giving you some tips to prevent the problem of battery drainage in your iPhone 4S.
iPhone 4S Battery Drainage
iPhone 4S Battery Drainage
These are some tips to prevent that problem:-
    1. iCloud Sync:- iCloud sync can also be the reason to kill the battery of iPhone 4S. The tip for you related iCloud is that when you don’t really need to Sync your phone’s iCloud data then you should turn off the iCloud Sync. When you need to use it again then wipe your phone and resync it again to iCloud.
    2. Set the Time Zone: – Many sources say that the Setting Time Zone feature of iOS 5 can be the reason of battery drainage of iPhone 4S. The reason is that by this feature it determines the location of the phone so it constantly consumes the battery. Our tip to prevent this battery drainage is to disable this feature of setting time zone. To do that go to the Setting and then to Location services. There you will find the System Services and Setting Time Zone- Disable it to save battery.
    3. Location based reminders:- Many users have reported that the battery drainage problem is little fixed after disabling the reminders. There is the feature in iPhone 4S of location based reminders. This service consumes lots of battery to use the GPS and location services as well as Wi-Fi. So the obvious fix to save the battery from this feature is to Disable Reminders. This will save lots of battery life of your phone.
At this time there is no official word from company regarding this problem. So we recommend our readers to wait for the word from the company to fix this issue of battery drainage. These 3 tips we have mentioned above can be helpful no harm in trying them. So try all these tips to improve the battery life of your iPhone 4S.