How to Take Care Laptop Screen?

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Technological development has been increasing day by day. Want or not want, like or not, must have the necessary funds appropriated for the purchase of hardware, software as well brainware. But the efficiency and effectiveness must also be a concern to every company. One was about "Screen Monitor" became an important component of a computer or laptop. Without the screen, you cannot view your work before printing. Unlike the monitor in general, notebook screen really requires extra attention and care.
Tips to keep your notebook screen keep durable, as follows:
  1. Always close your notebook when not in use. If you need to use anti-dust cover from a plastic bag or store in a notebook.Never touch screen notebook, let alone with sharp objects.
  2. In cleaning the notebook screen, do not spray fluid things directly on the screen.
  3. When the notebook is closed, make sure the notebook is not experiencing stress. Especially do not put heavy things objects on top of a closed notebook.
  4. Do not close the laptop computer when there's a detail physical object between the screen and keyboard. Even a sheet of paper sandwiched between the screen and keyboard could be the cause of damage to the screen.
  5. Do not close the notebook in a way slamming.
  6. Clean the notebook screen with a soft brush that is designed to clean the LCD screen from dust.
  7. If brush is not enough, use a soft cloth or tissue moistened with cleaning fluid. Remember! Do not use cleaners containing ammonia or alcohol. Spray cleaning fluid on a cloth and wipe the screen gently when cleaning.
  8. Cleaning fluid to screen notebook, it is advisable to use the same type of cleaner for cleaning the screen with a digital camera. This fluid is usually obtained at a camera shop.