Install Android 4.0 ICS on Motorola Droid 3: Preview Build 4 Firmware

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Motorola has launched its new phone Motorola Droid 3 with its new CyanogenMOD 9 in the named form of Ice Cream Sandwich. The official release is expected to come not before the first half of 2012.
Applications supporting the ICS droid 3 are Audio, Wifi, Bluetooth, Adb Drivers, 3G Data, GPS, SD Card etc.
The Applications that does not support the ICS Android 4.0 are Camera, Any application that requires ION driver, some codec and also retains the network usage.
ICS on Droid 3
Step 1: Download ICS Build for the Droid 3 in your PC and then transfer the folder to the Motorola Droid using the USB cable. Remember that do not rename the file.
Step 2: Enable the USB Debugging in your phone by allowing the Settings then go to the Applicationsand then to the Development and finally to the USB Debugging.
Step 3: Root your Device.
Step 4: Now turn Off the phone in order to enter the recovery Mode. To enter the Recovery Mode, press the volume down keys and simultaneously press the power button.
Step 5: Now you enter the Bootloader mode. In the BootLoader Mode, tap the Recovery option.
Step 6: Now you are here into the Recovery mode. Press the Volume down button to select the “Clear Storage” option. Thus it will wipe all the cache memory data of the phone.
Step 7: Now Select Install zip from SD Card and then go to the Choose zip from the SD Card. Which will choose the ICS Android 4.0 Zip file placed in your phone.
Step 8: Now after selecting the ICS Android 4.0 Zip file, it will take few minutes and install the firmware. After the successful installation, device will either reboot automatically or it may land your phone into the Recovery Mode.
Step 9: Select “++++Go Back++++” and choose “reboot system now”, it will reboot the system with the successful installation of ICS android 4.0
So, here you are within few steps with the brand new look and experience the new ICS Android 4.0 version with Quick Sense Custom ROM.