iPad Battery Life?: iPad Battery Care Tips

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Tips to Extend iPad Battery Life

Your iPad comes with a number of settings that you can use. Play with your  iPad settings to optimize to your needs and save energy by consuming less power.

Don’t Fry or Freeze Your iPad

Summer is here and you may be on the move often. Once you get used to iPad, it is natural that you may feel handicapped without iPad and take your iPad wherever you go. This brings the risk of keeping your iPad in the sun or leave it in your car. iPad does not like it when the temperature is not within 32F to 95F. Anything above/below may affect the iPad and its battery life. Therefore, always try to keep your iPad around room temperature (72F).

Switch Off Wi-Fi

If you’re not using Wi-Fi,  switch it off to save power.  You can easily switch off by going to “Settings -> Wi-Fi” and set Wi-Fi to Off.

Run Down The Battery Once A Month

Use the iPad regularly and completely drain the battery at least once a month. This will help extend the battery life.

Avoid Over Heating the iPad While Charging

iPad may become hot while charging the iPad with a case and it may affect battery life. Therefore, It is always better to charge the iPad with no protection gears like iPad case.

Switch Off 3G (Only for iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G model)

If you’re not using 3G connectivity,  switch it off.  You can easily switch off 3G by going to “Settings -> Cellular” and set Cellular Data to Off.

Use Wi-Fi If You have Both 3G and Wi-Fi Connectivity

iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G  users should use Wi-Fi instead 3G conectivity if possible. Wi-Fi consumes less power compared to 3G and Wi-Fi is probably faster.

Adjust the Screen Brightness

Minimizing the screen brightness is one of the easiest ways to save power and battery life. Go to “Settings -> Brightness & Wallpaper” and drag and adjust brightness.

Minimize Use of Location Services

A number of applications like Maps use location services to update the current location and they consume power. Therefore minimize the use of  location services only when you really want it. You can easily disable location services by going to  ”Settings -> General -> Location Services”.
Apple iPad Wi-Fi and 3G models are available for sale in US. Both the iPad models have a phenomenal battery life (at least 9 hours). Literally one can forget about charging. In addition, if iPad battery malfunctions and could not hold 50% of charge, Apple will replace your iPad itself for $99.  Very good battery life and the Apple’s battery replacement plan could make us take iPad battery for granted and not take care of iPad battery. Here are some simple tips to take care of iPad and extend battery life/life-span.

Fetch Your Mails Less Frequently

Mail programs check for new messages at a certain intervals and fetch them. Frequent checking from one or more of your mail accounts will drain your battery. Changing your fetch option to manual mode will save power. Go to “Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch New Data” and tap Manually. Or you can also increase the fetch interval (make it less frequent), by going to “Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch New Data” and tap Hourly.

Don’t Ignore Software Updates

Software updates may  help improve the battery life.  Make sure your iPad is updated with latest versions of the software you are using.