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Laptops are items that we invest a lot of money in and use almost every day.  Any damage incurred to your laptop to your portable PC - whether to laptop LCD screens or the keywboard - can leave us without our essential gadget for weeks.  Taking some measures to take care of your device will ensure that your laptops and laptop screens remain as good as new.

-    Laptops can get very hot when left switched on for long periods of time.  Because of this, you should keep them in cool, well-ventilated areas when they are switched on to prevent your laptop from overheating.

-    Always use a specific laptop case when carrying your computer outside of the home.  Not using a case leaves laptop screens open to bumps, knocks, drops and scratches.

-    When you disconnect your laptop from mains power, never pull on the power cord.  This can cause damage to the cord itself and the connecting jack.

-    Always take care when connecting peripherals to your laptop.  Never force external connectors into their slots and always remove them gently.

-    Keep food and drink away from your laptop.  Liquids can short the circuits within your computer, causing irreparable damage.  Pieces of food can become lodged within the keyboard, eventually causing the keys no longer work.

-    Always be careful with laptop screens.  Never carry your laptop by the screen and always make sure that there’s nothing on the keyboard when you close the lid.  Should your laptop screen become damaged,replacement laptop screens can be purchased and installed at a low cost.