Choosing the Best Graphics Card

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The term graphic card is usually used to refer to a hardware installed in one's computer which is responsible for enhancing or rendering images on the monitor in your computer.

It is also referred to as a video card. There are wide arrays of graphic cards which all have varying features, and hence the price range is also different.
Having the best-graphics-card can be big ordeal given the wide variety.
There are various factors to consider when choosing the best-graphics-card.
Buying a graphic card is an important step when one is looking to upgrade an old machine or even improve speed.
It is thus essential that individuals understand, it is appropriate that individuals have a wide understanding of the following factors when considering to have the best graphics card:
  • Compatibility
  • Memory


It is imperative that when buying an graphic card, it should be compatible with one's system.
By having a graphic card compatible to the system, this greatly improves resolution that the monitor can support.
Most of the LCD monitors have the native solution that is highly enhanced by having a graphics card.
CRT monitors on the other hand, lack the native resolution and in this case one should ensure that the graphic card can support a very high resolution to improve display.


The on-board memory is an essential consideration when one wants to have the best-graphics-card.
As compared to other files, images are larger files and hence the graphic card has to work harder to render graphic images onto the screen.
The best-graphics-card has is faster has a memory chip to perform the latter functions and which has its own resident while the less fast graphic cards have a lesser resident memory which can can be on a shared RAM which is used to process images.