Computer Do’s & Don’ts

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Help me with my computer
  • If you spill liquid on your computer remove the battery and immediately turn it off and bring it in, we can usually save it. Don’t turn it back on!
  • Run the Windows Disk Cleanup Utility monthly
  • Run disk defrag
  • Run your updates weekly
  • Always allow Windows updates to download and install
  • Blow out the vents with canned air – see direction on air cans
  • Clean screen with computer screen cleaner and a soft towel
  • Don’t use Windex or paper-towel, both could damage your screen
  • Clear Cookies & Temporary files
  • Run disk defrag
  • Run your updates weekly
  • Purchase additional RAM/Memory
  • Keep Backup Current – at least monthly – we recommend an external hard drive.
  • Install reliable anti-virus: We highly recommend Nod32 because it doesn’t slow down your computer like other anti-virus programs will. It also gives great protection.
  • Be careful on free Wi-Fi. Do not open your financial records
  • Avoid suspicious websites & free music & other downloads, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  • Do Not Click pop-ups or open unknown email. The most common way viruses are spread is still via email.
  • Do not open on links in emails unless you are completely sure they are safe…even when you know the sender
  • Fix it yourself. We’ve seen many customers who decided to save money and do “it” themselves, which ultimately cost more in the long run. Our prices are competitive and our technicians do a great job in a timely manner. Call us, request an estimate or just stop in for a diagnosis today.
  • Set it on your lap or on and type of cloth or fabric. This often block the air intakes causing the machine to over heat and possibly damage it beyond repair.