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Adding more than 10 slides

I really love your slideshow. It's exactly what I need for a special application. It seems to only handle 0-9 slides-need to increase to 16. What would I need to do to change that? Thanks.

Down near the bottom there should be a list stores the slides:

<option value="" selected>Olympic National Park</option>
<option value="">Mount Rainier National Park</option>
<option value="">Teton National Park</option>
<option value="">Jasper National Park</option>

The first part contains the slide image URL then the second part contains the slide description. Just keep adding as many more as you need.

is there any way the slideshow could NOT loop back to the first image when the user clicks all the way to the end, like the "next" button would not do anything once they've reached the end so it just stops.


to prevent it from rolling over and starting again, change:
if(x<0) x=fs.length-1;
if(x>=fs.length) x=fs.length-1;
if(x<0) x=0;

I'm getting this error when I generate the code, but there are only letters in my ID. I've taken out spaces and everything. Lil' help.
[edit] I found out the issue was a letter can't be capitalized. Thanks.

Mine keeps aligning to the left of my screen? How do I center it?

The table the slideshow is in can be aligned to the center. Change:

<table cellpadding="3" style="border:1px black solid;border-collapse:collapse;">to:
<table cellpadding="3" style="border:1px black solid;border-collapse:collapse;" align="center">

What would I need to do in order to use the buttons in image mapping.
Like, say I made two images of buttons (<< & >>) and wanted them to act as back and forward instead of the buttons it creates, what would I need to do?

replace the four buttons with:
<a href="#" onclick="rotate(0);return false;"><img src="start.jpg"></a>
<a href="#" onclick="rotate(x-1);return false;"><img src="prev.jpg"></a>

<a href="#" onclick="rotate(x+1);return false;"><img src="next.jpg"></a>
<a href="#" onclick="rotate(this.form.slide.length-1);return false;"><img src="end.jpg"></a>
replacing the images with your own of course.

I would like to remove the play buttons and the slide selector. How would I do that without messing up the sideshow from running?

Is there a way to simply hide the Slide Selector so its function is still there, but it won't be shown on the webpage?
I ask because i need to put multiple slides on one page and Slideshow v2.0 doesn't allow that

You can remove the play/stop/next/last/prev buttons if you want. However the Slide Selector is required as that is where the actual slide URLs are stored so it can't be removed-removed.
However, you had an interesting idea. You can hide the table row that contains selector. Change:
<tr><td align="center" style="border:1px black solid;">to
<tr><td align="center" style="display:none;">
I tried it and it works in IE8, FF3.6, Chrome6.

Can you give specific instructions as to what to remove from the code to get rid of the play/stop/next/last/prev buttons?

To remove the play/stop/next/last/prev buttons, delete the following:

<tr><td align="center" style="border:1px black solid;">
<input type="button" onclick="rotate(0);" value="ll&lt;&lt;" title="Jump to beginning" />
<input type="button" onclick="rotate(x-1);" value="&lt;&lt;" title="Last Picture" />
<input type="button" name="fa" onClick="this.value=((this.value=='Stop')?'Start':'Stop');auto();" value="Start" title="Autoplay" style="width:75px;" />
<input type="button" onclick="rotate(x+1);" value="&gt;&gt;" title="Next Picture" />
<input type="button" onclick="rotate(this.form.slide.length-1);" value="&gt;&gt;ll" title="Jump to end" />

Hi great code, works very well and I appreciate the work and glad to give you the link.
I would like to have the show stop at the end of the images instead of a continuous loop.
Have a great Day!

Change the autoplay function from something like (the 5000 number might be different depending on Autoplay Delay entered):
function auto() {
if(document.ff.fa.value == "Stop"){
rotate(++x);setTimeout("auto()", 5000);}}
function auto() {
if(document.ff.fa.value == "Stop" && x!=document.ff.slide.length-1){
rotate(++x);setTimeout("auto()", 5000);}

Is there a way to resize the whole slide show area. I want the whole thing to be about a width of 350 and height of 600?

If you want to set a static width and height, you can edit the table
<table cellpadding="3" style="border:1px black solid;border-collapse:collapse;">
and update it to the width and height you want.
<table cellpadding="3" style="border:1px black solid;border-collapse:collapse;" width="350" height="600">

If I wanted to change the background color of the slideshow, could I? Currently, it appears transparent, allowing the background of the website to show through. How would I go about setting the slideshow's background color to something different?

If you want to change the background color of the entire thing, you can edit the table
<table cellpadding="3" style="border:1px black solid;border-collapse:collapse;">
and update it to the hex color value to the color you want.
<table cellpadding="3" style="border:1px black solid;border-collapse:collapse;background:#C0C0C0;">

You can stick a width="640" property on the <img> and NOT put the height tag. That generally allows the height to automatically adjust so the image won't distort.
However, for the best results you should edit/resize the images themselves before you upload them to your website.

you can make it autostart by adding:

window.onload=function(){document.ff.fa.value="Stop";auto();}at the bottom of the javascript right before the closing </script>

Here is what I came up with:

In BOLD are the critical missing elements if you are using a custom slideshow ID (other than the default "slide1" one).

Just wanted to share my results. Thank you again!

Question: Changing the text size of the description

First, thank you for the slideshow. It's just what we were looking for.
How can we change the height and width the cell where the description is displayed? Some of our descriptions are lengthy.

<select name="slide" onChange="rotate(this.selectedIndex);">
to something like
<select name="slide" onChange="rotate(this.selectedIndex);" style="font:10px Arial;">