iPhone 3G Glass Replacement

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iPhone 3G Glass / Digitizer RepairBefore you begin

  • Place your iPhone 3G on a clean flat and soft surface, such as a rubber mat or a piece of soft cloth and get the required opening tools.
    Remove the two screws on the left and right and side of the dock connector (on bottom of the iphone).

  • Step 1
    Follow the disassembly steps as described by the first three steps of the motherboard disassembly guide earlier this section.
    An alternative method to using the sharp flathead for assembly removal is to use a sturdy, no too sharp knife to lift the screen assembly out of the backplate. In the image you see the knife inserted about a tenth of an inch into the gap between the frame and the seal.

    Step 2
    Use the knife to pry the screen assembly upward. Use care to minimize damage to the rubber seal surrounding the screen assembly. Use care to prevent the knife from abruptly sliding under the assembly.
    Step 3
    The screen assembly is connected to the logic board with three ribbon cables. In the image you can see ribbon cable 1 and 2. Ribbon cable 3 is hidden underneath ribbon cable 2. Do not pull the assembly before all connectors have been released.
    Step 4
    Use the plastic opening tool to release screen connectors in the order indicated by the orange numbers.
    Step 5
    Release connector #2 using the opening tool.
    Step 6
    Be especially careful when releasing connector #3. Gently open the latch using the plastic opening tool, do not pull the cable before opening the latch.
    Step 7
    If you have not already done so, remove the Sim-Card tray.
    Step 8
    Hint: Use a hair dryer to heat up the assembly before you try to remove the glass. The glue will become much weaker when warm. 
    If the glass breaks, hold the glass far away from your eyes or wear protective goggles. Small glass fragments will spray away from glass as you pry.
    Slide the plastic opending tool between the seal and the glass. Apply gentle force since the adhesive between the glass and the screen assembly is quite strong.
    Step 9
    Remove the broken glass pieces one by one.
    Use cut-safe glove to protect yourself against the sharp glass fragments.
    Step 10
    Use the sharp flathead to remove bigger pieces of glass, since the adhesive can be quite strong.
    Avoid applying too much force, do not bend the assembly to avoid breaking the screen. Keep the screwdriver from slipping onto the screen to avoid scratches.
    Step 11
    As you release the broken digitizer from the assembly, take a close look at the order of the connector cables: be sure to bring the ribbon cables into the same order when you install the new iphone 3G digitizer.
    Step 12
    The digitizer removed from the assembly. Remove the bottom protective film of your new digitizer and apply additional doublesided tape or adhesive of your choice to new digitizer if needed.
    Step 13
    Remove small glass fragments showing up as glaring white pieces in the image.
    They will keep the new digitizer from sitting flush.
    Step 14
    The new digitizer installed on the assembly (w/ top protective film still applied).
    Step 15
    If the digitizer is installed correctly, connector cable #3 will be hidden underneath cable #2.
    Step 16
    Be sure to bring back connector cables into the order shown in image.
    Reinstall the screen assembly by following disassembly guide in reverse order.
    Step 17