iPhone 3G Repair Guide

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iPhone 3G
Before you begin
  • Remove the Sim-Card Tray

  • Get Small Phillips Screw Driver

  • Get Small Flathead

  • Get Scratch Safe Opening Tools

  • Read the Legal Guidelines and familiarize yourself with the risks.
    Place your iPhone 3G on a flat soft surface.

  • iPhone 3G
    Step 1
    Remove the two screws on the left and right side of the dock connector.
    iPhone 3G
    Step 2
    Slide the flathead screwdriver between the chrome frame and the glass covering the screen. Choose an entry point other than the location of the two screws you just removed.
    Warning: Leaving two pressure marks is almost inevitable during this step if you use the flathead, please be aware of the possibility of cosmetic damage.
    There are suction tools available that allow you to remove the glass free of cosmetic damage.
    iPhone 3G
    Step 3
    As soon as you feel the flathead sliding between the iPhone chrome bezel and the front panel seal, pry the iPhone 3G front panel upward, do the same on the other side of the dock connector.
    iPhone 3G
    Step 4
    Widen the gap between the chrome frame and the 3G glass. When the gap is big enough to hold the screen assembly with your fingers, lift the the screen/digitizer assembly to expose the iphone connector cables. DO NOT pull the iphone flex cables while they are still connected.
    iPhone 3G lcd screws
    Step 5
    Use the plastic opener tools to carefully pry loose the ribbon cable connectors in the order indicated by the orange numbers.
    iPhone 3G lcd screws
    Step 6 - Careful!
    This is a disassembly step that can easily destroy the logic board. Be sure to not pull the screen assembly before connector "3" has been disconnected.
    Open the very fragile connector latch and use extreme care while pulling ribbon cable number 3 out of the connector.
    iPhone 3G lcd screws
    Step 7 - Success!
    You can now take off the screen assembly.To begin the removal of the logic board: remove all screws holding the motherboard in place (including the one that is covered by the sticker in the bottom right corner).
    iPhone 3G lcd screws
    Step 8
    Open connectors number 4-6 and remove the remaining screws that hold the iPhone 3G motherboard in place. Lift the board slightly at the bottom and pull it gently towards the dock connector. It should then snap loose from the backplate.
    The iphone 3G battery is glued onto theiPhone 3G backplate. Slide a safe open tool under the iPhone battery to pry it loose. Be sure to not puncture or bend the battery in the process.
    For reassembly follow the steps in reverse order.