Embed your Google Earth Project in your Website

12:20:00 PM |

1. Open Google Earth.

2. If you would like to embed your own Google Earth KML file onto your website, upload your file onto your web server, so that it is accessible online. You can also upload your file to your website or use other web pages like Google Sites. To learn how to upload your KML on Google Sites, check out this User Guide article. For more information about saving your KML or KMZ file, see the Packaging Content as a KMZ tutorial.

Use the Embed KML gadget

1. Click here to go to the Embed KML gadget.
2. Under the Display Settings, enter a name for your embed window, set the size for your Earth window, and choose a frame color.
3. Under the Gadget Settings, enter the URL link to the KMZ file on the web. For this example, enter the following URL:
4 Select a view mode (Earth or Maps), and select how you want the embedded map to initially load and if you want to show 3D buildings, roads, borders, and other data.
5. Click the Get the Code button.