Remove a Linked Video to a YouTube Post on Blogger

12:35:00 AM |

1. Click “Edit Posts” under the name of the blog with the post from which you want to remove the YouTube video link.
2. Scroll through the Edit Posts page to locate the post that contains the YouTube video. Click the blue “Edit” link beside the post to open the Blogger post editor tool.
3. Click the “HTML” tab above the post editor’s content field. Find the linked YouTube’s iFrame embed code, which will look similar to this:
    <iframe allowfullscreen="yes" frameborder="0" width="400" height="300" src=""></iframe>
4. Highlight and delete the entire iFrame code snippet to remove the video link from your blog.
5. Click the blue “Preview” button under the post editor to see how the edited post looks on your blog. Click the orange “Publish Post” button to store the changes and publish the edited post to the blog.