Reset Forgotten Password on Computer

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Summary: 5 solutions on how to recover forgotten computer login password
forgotten computer password
How to find computer password quickly that when I forgot computer password? Can anyone help me reset forgotten computer password? Any helps will be appreciated! - Now check the following ways on reset lost computer password!

Firstly, use password prompt function on password locked computer

If you have set the prompt option when you set account password, it may help you remember something about your forgotten computer password!

Secondly, reset computer password with default administrator account

Once we install Windows OS, there will be automatically generated an “Administrator” account with blank password. Therefore, if we forgot password on computer, we can have a try:
  • a. Boot system, and press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys twice when the Windows login screen comes up.
  • b. At the Classic Login window, input: Administrator and keep Password box null. Then press Enter key to login.
  • c. Recover computer password by: Control Panel - User Accounts.

Thirdly, find computer password with computer password reset disk

If we created this computer password reset disk before we forgot password, we can opt for the disk to help us unlock password efficiently.
  • a. Click OK and close the message box on the password incorrect prompt window.
  • b. Click “Reset Windows Password” and insert the password reset disk.
  • c. Do as the “Password Reset Wizard” to create a new password.

Fourthly, change computer password with Windows Installation Disc

Take computer Windows XP as example:
  • a. Start computer using Windows XP Setup CD.
  • b. When it asks to repair our current Windows installation, choose “Accept” it and press "R" to run the repair. Then computer will begin to repair our Windows and copy files to hard drive.
  • c. Setup will reboot system. Please don’t press any key when there is “Press any key to continue...”
  • d. Now computer will do other tasks and there will be a progress bar displayed. Please notice carefully the details shown at the bottom of screen.
  • e. Once "Installing Devices" comes up, press keys: Shift+F10. Input: nusrmgr.cpl and press Enter key at the Command Prompt window.
  • f. The same "User Accounts" window will display as it is in Control Panel. Choose “Administrator account” and select any account listed to change or remove your computer password.

Fifth, break computer password by DIY a password recovery disk

If the above four methods still can’t help us reset lost computer password, we can refer to this way now. DIY a password reset disk after forgotten computer password means that we burn an .iso image file from Windows password recovery software into a bootable CD/DVD/USB disk. Now, take one of the top-rated Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery Corporation as example:
  • a. Download and install Windows Password Recovery Corporation in any accessible computer (not from computer you want to unlock)
  • b. Burn an ISO image file to CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive
  • c. Set locked computer to boot from CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive and set the BIOS Setting for CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive.
  • d. Reset forgotten computer password to default Re123456.
The above ways on forgotten computer password reset are the collections of best bet for us to unlock lost password on computer! So even if we forgot computer password, things will be OK soon!
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