How To Fix The Drain Problems And Find Out If Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Is Affected

10:11:00 PM |

Samsung's Galaxy S3 has become one of the leading smartphones on the market, hitting the 10 million-unit sales mark in less than two months after its launch. Although the device has been dubbed as the Korea-based company's flagship smartphone of 2012, it does come with its share of issues.
For an owner of the Galaxy S3, this means the phone may incorrectly display a 50 percent to 70 percent battery drain, as Auto-O-Mobile has pointed out.
Users experiencing this problem can fix it by changing the power_profile.xml file located in the framework-res package. To do this, complete the following steps:
-- Download the updated file (510kb) from MediaFire.
-- Save the file on your microSD card or internal storage.
-- Reboot your Samsung Galaxy S3 into ClockWork Mod (CWM) Recovery Mode.
-- Choose "Install zip from SD card" and select the downloaded file.
-- Reboot your device. This should solve the battery drain issue.
Of course, there is a possibility this process could lead to a voiding of the device's warranty.