Use a Different Wallpaper on Each Desktop in Windows 7, Vista or XP

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Clicking the Desktop Wallpaper item from the menu will open up the dialog where you can set the wallpaper.

You can click on each desktop in the display, and set display settings differently for each monitor, or span the wallpaper across the two.

Or you can even load wallpaper from Flickr, which is an incredibly cool feature. Type in “vista wallpaper” for some really nice images.

If you chose the Settings from the tray icon popup menu, you’ll notice that this application also adds a set of shortcut keys that can be used to move windows from one monitor to the other.

This is now a must-have application for my multi-monitor configuration. This application is donationware, which means you don’t have to donate anything, but you really should consider it.

Download DisplayFusion from Binaryfortress (Vista/XP/Win7)