Free photo editors for Mac OSX

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I have been struggling with editing photos recently and of course i am familiar with both iphoto and preview which comes preinstalled with every mac. Nonethless i was always in search for one good free photo editing software to move one step further, from the perspective of web designer. I really cant afford to pay commercial softwares such as photoshop, illustrator for my mac.

I have listed some of the free photo editing softwares, which are totally free and can be downloaded. Although initially it would be tough to get used to new interfaces of these softwares until you get used to. From what i have seen seashore is easy to use and i have been using it a lot lately. Gimp for mac is also good, but i felt difficulty working with it as i am so used to photoshop interface.


Free open source image editor for Mac OSX.


Free open source vector graphics editor for Mac OSX, similar to corel draw or illustrator.
Paint Brush

A free paint program for Mac OS X just like MS Paint in Windows or MacPaint. It is a simple and handy tool for editing.


Gimp is a FREE GNU image manipulation program available for windows, mac and linux. It is often the best free alternative for most commercial versions of popular image editing and photo softwares like photoshop or illustrator.


Lightweight image viewer and browser, just similar to preview tool for Mac. It is a free software.


Very powerful innovative graphics editor to Mac with advanced features. It is free software for mac users.


Free image editor for Macs. It is a free software and since the project has been discontinued, the software works well only on Leopard systems. It may not work or crash in snow leopard or lion.

If you are searching for a photoshop alternative and willing to spend some money (low cost paid), i definitely recommend It fast and really good and powerful image editor for Mac OSX. It is the best and low cost alternative to photoshop for mac users.