How To Reinstall Windows

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Are you trying to find out how to reinstall Windows? You can find out how to re install Windows quickly and easily here!
Imagine how good it will feel to fix your PC yourself. Think of all the money you'll save by not replacing it with a new computer, or hiring a repairman to sort it! How great will it be to have a nice speedy computer again? Say goodbye to errors...
The best way to fix a messed up computer - and inject some speed back into it - is to wipe it clean and then reinstall an operating system (e.g. Windows) from scratch.
This How to Reinstall Windows guide will help if your computer is running slowly, producing lots of error messages, and generally feels like it's in bad health.
If your PC came with a rescue disc, rather than a Windows install CD, learn how to use a recovery disk here.

Preparing to Reinstall Windows

Before reinstalling Windows, you should back up your computer and carry out some other important tasks first. Learn how to backup your data and safely prepare to reinstall Windows by following this Windows reinstall checklist.

Boot From CD or USB Disk

To install Windows, you'll need to know how to boot from a Windows CD/DVD or USB install disk. Follow this link to find out how to boot from USB drive or CD/DVD.

Burn ISO file:
If you don't have a Windows install disc - but you DO have a Windows ISO file - you can learn how to burn the ISO to USB disk by following the link. This will allow you to install Windows from USB.

Windows XP Clean Install

Learn how to install Windows XP from a CD in this easy to follow guide:
Click the link to find out how to install Windows XP from USB disk:

Reinstall Windows Vista

Do you need to reinstall Windows Vista? Follow the link to learn how to install Windows Vista from a CD/DVD:
Need to install Vista via USB? Learn how to install Windows Vista from USB drive by following the link:

Windows 7 Clean Install

Discover how to install Windows 7 from CD/DVD - quickly and easily - using this guide:
Want to carry out a Windows 7 USB install? Follow the link to find out how to install Windows 7 from USB:

How to Use a Recovery Disk

If your computer came with a rescue disc - rather than a Windows install CD - you can learn how to use a recovery disk by following the link.