Backup all your personal files

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Why you should consider using backups

If your not prepared to lose all the personal data ( music, pictures, documents, etc.) you must make backups. Over 40% of PC users lose their data every year. Something as simple as a power failure or your hard drive failure, can cause you to lose you data.

Especially before doing computer repairs.

It is also very common, that malware can so affect WINDOWS SYSTEM files, that there is a real chance of losing access to your files after removing the Malware! This makes backing up especially important before attempting repairs.
Some of your options include: Saving files to Thumb drive (USB), CD or DVD, Creating incremental backups on External Hard drive, or NAS (network attached storage), or using an online backup service. NAS and Online Backup both accommodate multiple computers.

Windows Backup

Windows XP

CLICK:Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Backup


CLICK: Start --> Control Panel --> System Maintenance --> Backup and Restore Center

Windows 7

CLICK: Start --> Control Panel --> System and Security --> Backup and Restore

Online Backup has two other advantages

1 - You can use it where ever there is access to the internet.
2 - Your backups are stored remotely, away from originals, where they are not both likely to be lost.
An essential step to fixing a slow computer, is backing it up.