Hard Reset a MacBook

9:48:00 PM |

If your MacBook laptop is running slowly or performing in a strange manner, it may be necessary to reset the device's System Management Controller. This hard reset will give your computer a fresh start and possibly repair the issues you are having with the device. The hard reset process for a MacBook computer is similar to the hard reset process on other computers, involving booting up the system while holding a specific set of keys.

  1. Click the "Apple" icon in the computer's menu bar and select the "Shut Down ... " option from the Apple menu. Allow several seconds for the computer to shut down.
  2. Plug the MacBook's MagSafe power adapter into the MagSafe port on the side of the laptop.
  3. Press the "Shift," "Ctrl" and "Option" keys and the power button simultaneously. Release the all of the buttons simultaneously.
  4. Press and release the power button by itself to turn on the computer. The computer's SMC will now be reset when the computer boots up.