How to Remove BIOS Password

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As it is known to us, BIOS password is useful in protecting computer safety and can stop other people from changing BIOS setting as well as booting the computer system. However, what should we do if we forgot the BIOS password to our computers? This article will recommend the following 3 ways to remove BIOS password.

Way 1: Removing the CMOS Battery with the 4 steps below.

Step 1: Turn of the computer, and unplug the power cable.
Step 2: Open the computer host, locate the motherboard, and find out the small coin sized silver CMOS battery as the following picture shows.
Step 3: Remove the CMOS Battery carefully if it is not soldered to the motherboard, and put it back after 10-30 minutes.
Step 4: Boot the computer. If the “CMOS Checksum Error-Defaults Loaded” message is displayed, it indicates that the BIOS password has been reset.

Way 2: Adjusting the Motherboard Jumper as the steps below.

Step 1: Find out the Motherboard Jumper by reading the motherboard manual, or look for the Jumper labeled as CLR, CLEAR, CLEAR CMOS, etc. FYI, there are 3 pins and the Jumper will joining the center pin with left pin or right pin.
Step 2:     Move the Jumper to join the center pin to another pin. That is, if the center pin is joining with the left pin, and move the Jumper to join the center pin to the right pin.
Step 3: Move the Jumper to connect the center pin with the original pin again after a few seconds.

Way 3: Using BIOS backdoor password. And Dell computer is taken as an instance here.

Step 1: Start the Dell computer, and immediately press F2 in a continuous way to enter the BIOS.
Note: As to other brand computers’ BIOS backdoor passwords, you can search them in the internet because they are changed at times by their manufacturers.
Step 2: Type Dell into the “BIOS Password” prompt interface and hit Enter.  Then you will be taken to the main BIOS screen.
Step 3: Select Restore Defaults from the BIOS menu and press Enter. This step will restore your BIOS back to its original settings.
Step 4: Choose Save Changes and Exit, and hit Enter.
All in all, the 3 ways above are helpful for removing the BIOS password. If you do forget the BIOS password to your computer, you can choose one of three ways to remove it so that you can enter the Windows system interface and start the computer again.