Cleaning out the dust from fans and heat sink

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clean cooling fans in desktop PC

Why you need to clean the fans

The FIRST thing I do to a PC when it comes to my shop, is blow out the dust. After hundreds and even thousands of hours of run-time, the inside of the computer [especially the Power Supply and CPU fan and Heat Sink] gets 'clogged' with dust which prevents proper Heat Dissipation. As clean as your home may be, no computer is dust free! Electronics are dust magnets.

Symptoms of dust build-up

A common symptom of dust build-up, is that the fans seem to be loud. Some even make a sort of 'screeching' sound. Another symptom of dust buid-up and over-heating is PC running slow and even frequent shut-downs or restarts. The exhaust from you pc or laptop should be warm, not hot like a hair dryer.

Clean the fans and heat sink

Pull the cover off and blow it out with a can of air. Do it outside, and try and blow the dust away from the drives! A little dusting can go a long way to prevent further, more expensive problems. If your computer is slow due to poor air circulation, there is little else that can be done to speed it up.